Cherish Extensions à clips Cheveux synthétiques (couleur P4/27)

Livrare 24 - 48 ore

Attention : dernières pièces disponibles !

70,00 lei

Commandez avant le 15:00 de aujourd'hui pour une livraison demain avec Fan Courier

Pictures are taken directly on the product.

Colors can have small color differences:

- from a monitor, phone, etc. to another

- from warm to cold

- from sun to shadow

Superior Line SRL does not assume liability

Inside of Pack : 1.5” x 2 pieces | 3” x 2 pieces | 6” x 1 piece | 8” x 2 pieces | 10” x 1 piece | 12” x 1 piece

Cherish`s most refined and exclusive fibres are designed to make your hair experience more authentic.

It looks, feels and performs like human hair and is conveniently manageable and long lasting.

Cherish the trueness ! Cherish the best !

Clipping Instructions :

1. Firstly make a horizontal parting where you wish to start clipping. It is preferred to begin from the bottom of the ear either left to right or vice versa. Pull up your natural hair on the top side of the parting and secure it so it does not come in the way.

2. Get the correct sized weft and hold the extension with the clips facing ourward. Aplly outward pressure to snap the clip open.

3. Starting from either side convenient, clip one and of the extension just below the parting and fasten the clip. Repeat the action for the entire row until you ve finishedthe other side of the head. Make sure the clips are secured.

4. Bring down your natural hair that you secured in step 1 and repeat the parting process approximately 2.5” above the first parting.

5. Repeat the parting steps 2 to 4 until you feel there is no more hair to hide the clips on the top row of your head.

6. The smallest wefts (1.5” wide) fill in the areasin order to create lengths and desired styles.

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Cherish Extensions à clips Cheveux synthétiques (couleur P4/27)

Cherish Extensions à clips Cheveux synthétiques (couleur P4/27)

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