Obsession Extensions Clip On Synthetic Hair (color W-OPAL)
Obsession Extensions Clip On Synthetic Hair (color W-OPAL)

Obsession Extensions Clip On Synthetic Hair (color W-OPAL)

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Pictures are taken directly on the product.

Colors can have small color differences:

- from a monitor, phone, etc. to another

- from warm to cold

- from sun to shadow

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The package contains 9 pieces and 22 clips:
- 2 pieces x 3.8 cm
- 2 pieces x 7.6 cm
- 1 piece x 15.2 cm
- 2 pieces x 20.3 cm
- 1 piece x 25.4 cm
- 1 piece x 30.5 cm

Application instructions:
1. Open the pack and lay out like sizes together.
2. Part your haie wherever you would normally.
3. Section off hair perpendicularly from the parting down to the ear on each side.
4. Use clips to hold sections in place.
5. At the back, section off the bottom most where you want to tart and clip up the rest of the hair. You can also use small elastic bands to create sections with same distance apart as clip ins.
6. Select the clip which will best fit the section.
7. Hold weft with clips facing outward. Apply outward pressure to snap the clip open.
8. Secure the weft on top of the parting/elastic and snap-close.
9. Smoth out the hair with fingers or brush so the weft is blended with your own hair.
10. Create the next section at the back of the head about half an inch above the first weft.
11. Repeat steps 5 to 9.
12. For the front of the head, use mostly single clips and shorter width wefts.

Care instructions:
1. Use a wide-tooth comb to remove the tangles from the hair. Combing process is usually easier if you spray a little water of detangling spray to the hair.
2. Use cold or lukewarm water in a bowl or sink (hot water affects smoothness/texture of the hair). Mix a capful (or two) of mild shampoo (without sulfates) into the water.
3. Immerse clip wefts fully into the water then swish from side to side gently to agitate the hair without rubbing. Also dunk the hair up and down until you think it s clean.
4. Rinse the hair weft with cool water until all the lather is washed out.
5. You can also use the above method to condition the hair. (Use mild conditioner and fallow the above steps again).
6. Squeeze access water out of the hair.
7. Place hair extensions on a towel on one side (don t overlap as it takes longer to dry0. Then close the towel and pat dry.
8. Open hair and whileon the towel, air dry the hair (use cool air).

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