Janet Jumbo Braid (KN) (color 2)

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Colors can have small color differences:
- from a monitor, phone, etc. to another
- from warm to cold
- from sun to shadow
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Janet Jumbo Braid (KN)

Itch Free - Healthy and natural hair without the risk of bacteria.
Hot Water Setting - Dip hair in hot water to easily curl ends.
Flame Retardant - 100% Optimum Afrelle, 100% Kanekalon fiber hair.
Natural Looking Ends - Layered ends for natural feathered look.

Starting off the twist and cross technigue by holdingtwo strands of hair on each hand. The left hand should be a palm away from you, the right hands to the left so
that the left palm is facing you and the right palm is away from you. You now have two sets of identically crossed strands.
Using a complex shifting motion cross the strand that is now second from the left over the strand that is second from the right. Then shift your hands so that they are
holding the strands in the same palm down, palm up position as at the start. Repeat from above. The diagram without hands shows the pattern that the strands should
follow as you go through this maneuver.
Leave 3-7 unbraided centimeters at the end of a braid and it off with ribbon or elastic. This will make it far less likelythat the ties will slip off of the end.

Most common technique to braid hair. Section the hairinto three strands. After you section hair into three parts, hold two strands on one hand and one strand on the
other hand. As you braid, the extra strand is passed between the hands. Leave 3-7 centimeters of you hair unbraided since it will prevent the ties from slipping off of the end.

Most advanced from of braiding technique. You must master three strand braiding technique before you try four strand technique. In addition, 4 braids have a tendency
to rotate and twist along their center axis.
Keeping the tension even is the best soution.
Leave 3-7 centimeters of your hair unbraided and tie it off with ribbon or elastic.
This will make it far less likely that the ties will slip off of the end.

Just dip in hot water to curl the ends.


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Janet Jumbo Braid (KN) (color 2)

Janet Jumbo Braid (KN) (color 2)

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