Hair Extensions MasterMix

Fiber Thermoresistant has the look and texture of natural hair

You can straighten the plate up to 200 degrees

Translate a natural look at the best price

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  • Extensions Clip-On...

    Fiber Thermoresistance
    It resists hair styling up to 200 degrees and behaves like human hair

  • Synthetic hair...

    Made of a high quality fiber that completely imitates natural hair.
    Available in superb shades. The ideal solution for a quick change of look.

  • MasterMix Pose...

    This product has been created by master mixing some of the most recently invented fibers.
    These fibers feature smooth and tangle-free taits, as well as enhaced resilient curl holding advantages.
    This optimum combination, called Mastermix, gives this product more volume manageability, and makes the curls last longer.

  • Wig heat resistant fiber

    Fiber High Resistant
    Created specifically for:
    - people allergic to human hair 100%
    - People who feel mentally can not wear another person's hair on their heads
    - those who for religious reasons can not wear human hair
    - people who want to use them only occasionally and do not want to invest a big amount of money for a human hair and still want to look great
    It can be styled, wash, wet, dry, stretch the plate up to 200 degrees similar to human hair

  • Bun elegant detachable

    Cherish Bun and Impression Bun synthetic fiber creates a fashionable and stylish look without effort, being easy to attach. Your hairstyle will be simple, stylish and fast.

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