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Extensions crochet braid Afro, braiding hair kanekalon, ponytail

Our products are carefully selected by a team of senior stylists with more than 10 years of experience in the field, to offer you the best possible quality and durability.

Some of the most famous international brands, where we find heat-resistant fiber that imitates natural hair, in appearance, touch, without having a plastic smell, easy to apply and offers the possibility of styling with a plate up to 200 degrees.

Cherish Bulk, Model Model Glance, Rastafri, Kima for afro extensions.

Impression Braid, Model Model Glance Silky Premium Touch, Africana Braid Special Colors, etc., Rastafri Glow Braid, Raspunsel, etc. for braiding hair African pigtails or different types of hairstyles from an elegant pigtail in different colors or ombre, a bun that needs a hair addition, to a pigtail or two pigtails, etc.

Cherish Bulk for clip-on extensions for a quick application for occasions, events or everyday life (a wide range of special colors in heat-resistant fiber, can be washed or styled up to 200 degrees)

Elegant removable buns for a quick and modern styling or straight and curly ponytails.

At extensions with adhesive tape, micro ring, nano ring, keratin or sewing you can find a wide variety of colors and types of hair.

Natural remy hair extensions, which can be applied in the cold version (adhesive tape, micro ring, nano ring or stitches) or the hot keratin version that offers the best stability over time.

Extensions from unprocessed natural virgin hair, hair that has not gone through any chemical process, just been cut from a donor, has cuticles, cleaned, natural color is the rarest and can be applied cold micro ring or sewing.

After natural hair, being the mastermix variant, this product was created by the master mixing some of the latest fibers invented, an optimal combination that comes to the advantage of the client who wants a quick change with a special color. Having a dark color in your head and you don't want a discoloration that can cause certain problems, from burning the hair to an unsuccessful color, now you have the possibility with Pose Peruvian which offers a complete change, bangs + 3 sets of sewing hair for one head . complete, (sewing method of application).

Coming to wigs where you find the most special colors and easy to apply for a special occasion.

Hair accessories for application or to bring an elegance to your style.